"The Lore"
Chelsa and Kevin became creative collaborators just a few months before the earthly plague of 2020. Together they began art production on a film that has never seen the light of day. Despite the downturn of man, the two remained good friends; doing what good friends do, sharing bowls and cat memes. 
In 2023, the two were once again in the same realm and timeline with the shared determination to make things that go bump in the night.
Dungeon of Delirium was conceptualized as a vessel to deliver VHS inspired nostalgia, Psychedelic bubble baths, and other handmade horror inspired curiosities. The Dungeon of Delirium will continuously evolve to honor our individual and shared creative obsessions for original videos, music, horror fiction and art production. 
Meet Your Horror Hosts
Horror host + co-producer; Chelsa Darling
An art school dropout with the audacity to believe that if she could imagine it, then she could make it…

First starting her career in floral design, which later evolved into her love of full service production design. Chelsa was able to apply this foundation to launching her iconic stoner brand “Little Ghost Bootique”, and later the various production projects for “The Dungeon Of Delirium”. 

Born in Colorado Springs with a restless spirit for adventure to explore the unknown. Chelsa has lived a lot of lives traveling the world and rebuffing social norms to embrace a more alternative creative lifestyle. She currently resides in a creative co-op in Austin, Texas; for now.


Horror host + Creator; Kevin KlausmanBorn and raised with his feet in Maine and his head in the clouds, it was always Kevin’s ambition to tell stories. Growing up he drew, wrote, painted, played in punk and metal bands (that sucked) and never stopped playing pretend. 
After attending film school in Boston, Kevin found himself working in the tech sector in Austin, Texas. He continued to write and produce music, but drifted away from his passion for narrative. 
In 2020 he met collaborator Chelsa Darling and the two of them began production on a short film, “Black Sun, Red Moon” which Kevin had written and was to direct. Covid had other plans. 
Not to be deterred, he pivoted towards audio fiction and created “The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast”. He and Chelsa decided to join forces and combine the podcast with Chelsa’s horror head shop, The Little Ghost Bootique and they’ve been creating magic in The Best Little Dungeon in Texas ever since.