Back 'Druscilda's Dungeon of Delirium'!

Back 'Druscilda's Dungeon of Delirium'!

Posted by Chelsa Darling on Nov 30th 2023

We just launched our IndieGogo to build a Dungeon for Druscilda!

A Dungeon For Druscilda

If you're like us you grew up on Eerie Indiana, Goosebumps, Creepshow, Are You Afraid of the Dark? etc. and nothing on Netflix can quite scratch that nostalgic itch for what a spooky series used to be.

We hope to deliver a fresh take on a vintage vibe by creating a video series notably inspired by the bygone days of Tales From The Crypt and Peewee's Playhouse. A series that is both a fully immersive art project as well as engaging storytelling brought to life by a central memorable host; Druscilda, our Dungeon Witch.

Druscilda was introduced to 'The Dungeon of Delirium Podcast' as a host for our Halloween Special. In order to bring her to life, we'll be applying our skills in character creation, haunt production and set design to bring Druscilda's Dungeon to video format. Druscilda, will continue to be voiced and played by Kevin Klausman. Chelsa Darling will take the lead in creative direction. Together, we plan to bring you a series that makes you remember how and why you fell in love with the Horror genre to begin with.

We have a bunch of excellent incentives to support the show!

  • A collectible VHS Tape of Druscilda's Valentine Special, slated to be our very first video episode!
  • A valentine's inspired Mix Tape of Druscilda's Dungeon Jamz for the creepy cutie in your life
  • Druscilda The Dungeon Hag Action Figures in Custom Blister Packs
  • Video Shout Outs from the Witch herself!
  • Your name in the credits! And much more!

Some people just can't contribute right now, but that doesn't mean they can't support the show:

  • Help spread the word! Talk about your favorite indie horror with your friends, and in your niche groups. Facebook groups and horror fan pages are great opportunities to get us in front of fresh eyes.
  • Share the Podcast with folks who already listen to podcasts!
  • Engage with our content, comments, sharing, or rating the show helps with our momentum.
  • We're on Patreon!
  • Join 'The ATX Monster Squad' a facebook group hosted by 'The Dungeon of Delirium' to help grow and network with our own local community and talent!
  • You can use the Indiegogo share tools to bring our campaign to a wider audience and help us reach our goal.

Thank you for helping support the show and indie creators!

- Druscilda +Friends, of 'The Dungeon Of Delirium'